Installing extensions

Linkerd provides built-in extensions, such as viz, jaeger, and multicluster.

Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd includes a hardened version of the multi-cluster extension. Other built-in extensions can be installed with the BEL CLI or with Helm by installing that extension’s Helm chart.

You can install the hardened version of the multi-cluster extension by running the follow command:

linkerd multicluster install | kubectl apply -f -
helm repo add linkerd-buoyant
helm repo update

helm install linkerd-multicluster \
  --create-namespace \
  --namespace linkerd-multicluster \
  --set license=$BUOYANT_LICENSE \

You can install other built-in Linkerd extensions, such as viz and jaeger, with the extension’s install command. For example, to install the viz extension with the BEL CLI, you can use:

linkerd viz install | kubectl apply -f -
Note: The BEL CLI will install the latest Linkerd edge version of the extension at the time the BEL CLI was released.

More details about extensions can be found in the Linkerd OSS docs.