Lifecycle automation reference

BEL provides lifecycle automation for Linkerd in the form of a Kubernetes operator that runs on the cluster and allows for automated installation and upgrades of Linkerd, across both control plane and data plane.

Operator behavior is determined by two custom resources: ControlPlane and Dataplane. These work independently of each other, you may use one or both.

The ControlPlane custom resource determines how the operator handles Linkerd’s control plane.

componentsTop-level key for all Linkerd components.
linkerdLinkerd Control Plane configuration.
versionDesired version of the Linkerd Control Plane (e.g. enterprise-2.15.2).
licenseLicense obtained via the Buoyant Portal.
crdsConfigDesired state of the linkerd-crds component.
controlPlaneConfigDesired state of the linkerd-control-plane component.

The DataPlane custom resources enable automatic upgrades of Linkerd proxies running in your application workloads.

workloadSelectorA Kubernetes LabelSelector that matches the workloads to be managed by the operator.