ExternalGroup reference

Coming in enterprise-2.16

BEL provides external workload management for Linkerd in the form of a Kubernetes controller and a proxy harness daemon. The controller runs on the cluster and allows for automated ExternalWorkload lifecycle and configuration management. This is achieved with the use of an ExternalGroup resource which defines a template for creating ExternalWorkload resources.

metadata.annotationAnnotations that will be present on the created resource.
metadata.labelsLabels that will be present on the created resource.
portsA list of ports that the workload exposes.
probesA list of probes that the harness uses to determine and report the health of the workload (currently a max of 1 probe is supported).
nameOptional name for the port. Each named port can be referred to by services.
portThe numeric port.
protocol.portsProtocol exposed by the port. Must be UDP or TCP. Defaults to TCP.
failureThresholdAmount of consecutive failures before probe reports a liveness failure (defaults to 3).
successThresholdMinimum consecutive successes for a probe to be considered successful after it has failed (defaults to 1).
initialDelaySecondsInitial delay before probe will be triggered (defaults to 0).
timeoutSecondsNumber of seconds after which a probe times out (defaults to 1).
periodSecondsHow often to perform a probe (defaults to 10).
httpGet.hostHostname to connect to.
httpGet.pathPath to access on the HTTP server.
httpGet.portPort on the HTTP server to route to.
httpGet.schemeScheme to use for connecting to the host.
httpGet.httpHeadersCustom headers to add to the probe request.