Linkerd lifecycle automation

Lifecycle automation automates installs, upgrades, and rollbacks of Linkerd, including both control plane and data plane. This is done in a way that is fully GitOps-compatible and that works with popular tools such as Argo and Flux.

BEL’s lifecycle automation feature eliminates the toil of keeping things up to date, not just for control plane components but for every proxy across every cluster. Our goal is to make keeping your Linkerd installation up-to-date as easy as possible.

Lifecycle automation is implemented by a Kubernetes operator that runs on each cluster and reads configuration from a set of custom resources. These resources allow you to customize not just the behavior of the operator itself but also the version of Linkerd installed on the clusters.

With Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd, upgrading your Linkerd version is as simple as pushing a change to these resources with the version of Linkerd you want deployed. The operator will take care of the rest, in a way that’s safe, clean, and automated.