Excluding workloads

You may have Kubernetes workloads that you don’t want to see in Buoyant Cloud and don’t want to count against the limits of your plan. You can accomplish this by setting a buoyant.cloud/excluded: true Kubernetes annotation on the workload.

When this annotation is set to true :

  1. Buoyant Cloud will not list this workload in any workload lists or tables, except for reference at the bottom of https://buoyant.cloud/workloads/
  2. Buoyant Cloud will not generate any events for these workloads
  3. Buoyant Cloud will not count this workload in the context of any limits set by your plan.

The buoyant.cloud/excluded Kubernetes annotation should be placed on the workload itself, e.g. directly on the Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, etc.