Kubernetes annotations and labels summary

Buoyant Cloud consumes and uses a number of existing Kubernetes labels and annotations, and supports new annotations specific to Buoyant Cloud.

app.kubernetes.io/versionIf buoyant.cloud/version is not set, then this label (if set) will be used as the version of the workload in Buoyant Cloud.
buoyant.cloud/excluded:trueExcludes a workload from Buoyant Cloud.
buoyant.cloud/tagsComma-delimited list of key:value pairs that are descriptors of a workload, e.g.¬†env:prod,tier:1,team:payments. If set, these key:value pairs will be displayed on a workload’s detail page. They will also be added to other pages, and you will be able to filter the service list and event list by tags in the future.
buoyant.cloud/rollout-descriptionAny additional information you may want to include for the rollout, e.g. a changelog. This field is in Markdown format and the maximum length is 64k.
buoyant.cloud/git-shaThe corresponding git SHA of the deployed code.
buoyant.cloud/repo-nameThe name of the Github repo for this workload.
buoyant.cloud/repo-ownerThe GitHub organization of the deployed code.
buoyant.cloud/deployerThe GitHub user id of the person who triggered the rollout.
buoyant.cloud/versionthe version of the release (If unset, the SHA will be used).